Adam Kargenian Photography

We catch up with the two time Olympic Medalist and star of Danny and the Dingo

My first experience of Danny Kass was an offering of a joint, followed by a proposed fruit platter of sliced strawberries, watermelon, and pineapple to accompany said medication.

I guess it comes with the territory.

A breezy day in October, I entered the Soho house at 76 Wooster with a seeming precaution. If you asked how I got here, I couldn’t tell you. A random assortment of Instagram postings now had me one on one with the most successful contest snowboarder of the early 2000’s. Noting my apparent nervousness, Kass suggests dipping the strawberries in hummus. “It’s bitchin.”

Hapless paintings and sketches cluttered a seemingly vast wooden floor that stretched far beyond the reaches of natural light from the western windows. The eastern side of the room opens from a single story to fill the reach of three, transforming from a natural mood set by the wood into a modern one set by the symmetrical, clean, and white expanse.

“Warhol used lived next door to this,” Kass exclaims, “on 78 Wooster. And I guess there’s a rumor that Basquiat secretly inhabited this apartment as they worked together—during that Everlast Boxing picture time frame, you know? That’s why I kept these chairs when I moved in, they might be his and actually worth something.” Said chairs sit in the corner, orange textiles in tatters. One of the three only stands due to the support of the pillar it leans upon.

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