Adam Kargenian Photography


During their set at Webster Hall this past Tuesday night, vocalist Stephen Christian of Anberlin stated, “This crowd is rivaling Salt Lake City for the best show on the tour.”

They certainly played like it.

Following a trio of opening sets by Indian Lakes and Lydia, as well as their co-headliner The Maine, Anberlin came out to a crowd that was amped with energy. The Maine had established the tone for the night with their near hour-long performance, one that brought out the karaoke of all in attendance.

Stephen Christian and crew must have taken note, because they catered to a set-list that had everyone dancing all night long, playing tracks from throughout their 9-year career. Opening with “Paperthin Hymn,” off of their second album, the band proceeded to jump to “We Owe This To Ourselves” from their 2011 album before ending the initial trio with “The Resistance,” which was from 2008. The rest of the set continued to follow this chronological jumping pattern, all which carried the high energy of the opening number.

Yet perhaps the most impressive feat of the night was the band’s aptitude to showcase the true, raw musical talent each of its members possess. Christian has the ability to constantly interact with his fans, commanding a large stage presence, and his vocal skills shined with the exhilarating, abrasive notes of “The Unwinding Cable Car.”

Nate Young near single-handedly created the highlight of the night, slaying his all-acrylic and transparent drum set during the explosive “Self Starter.” All around, the set was seamless, even when performing B-sides such as “I’d Like to Die” that Stephen admitted “we don’t usually play that often.”

To close out the show, Anberlin came out to play “Never Take Friendship Personal.” It was an ironic choice of an encore, as the night before Stephen had admitted on the band’s LiveStream performance that they try to “stay away from playing” said track. Regardless, it was a fiery rendition that well represented the night.

Anberlin came out to rock Webster Hall, and they surely succeeded.